Terms and conditions

1: The scope and Limitations of guided CBT

The advantages of guided CBT are obvious. Nevertheless, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, we wish to make it clear that the kind of guided CBT provided by PsychOnline4u also has it’s limitations. Guided CBT is not entirely the same as the kind of intensive treatment offered in regular face-to-face therapy! Consequently, the situation may arise in which we decide not to offer someone our service. Specifically, this would be the case were we to conclude, on the basis of our assessment, that guided CBT would not be adequate in meeting a prospective client’s mental health needs, and that they require more intensive treatment.The reason why PsychOnline4u makes this reservation is because we are committed to exercising good care. This is explained in more detail under Assessment.

Likewise, the situation may arise, during the course of an ongoing programme of guided CBT, that we come to the conclusion that the complexity and/or severity of a client’s mental health problems are such that our guided CBT programme is no longer appropriate, and that intensive treatment, of the kind offered in regular face-to-face therapy, would be more adequate to that person’s needs.* In that casae, our commitment to exercising good care will, unfortunately, leave us no other choice but to terminate our service, in the manner described below.

2: Termination of service

If we, at PsychOnline4u, at any time during the course of providing support to a client, come to the conclusion that: (a) the complexity and/or severity of that person’s  mental health problems are such that guided CBT is no longer adequate in meeting that person’s mental health needs, and that, (b) in our professional judgement, intensive treatment of the kind offered in regular face-to-face therapy is required, then we will have no other choice but to terminate our service. * We will, of course, discuss this with the client, and we will do our utmost to reach agreement with the client on this issue. However, if agreement on our advised course of action cannot be reached, we will have no alternative but to terminate our service unilateraly.

Furthermore, we will also advise the client to consult with their GP as soon as possible, both about options for GP-support (e.g. medication), as well as about options for referral to a specialist mental health service provider for further assessment and treatment. If at all possible, and depending on the severity of the client’s symptoms and their state of mental health, we will, and if possible, in liason with the GP, endeavour to continue providing the client with our support until they have been referred. 

Also, we will offer to report our conclusions to the client’s GP, and in particular our urgent recommendation that they be referred to an appropriate mental health service for adequate treatment of their their mental health problems. But, we will do this only if the client so wishes, and only after the client has given us written permission to do so, by stating this in on our contact form.

3 Disagreement about the duration of sessions

Please keep in mind that the duration of the online video/audio sessions with the psychologist, that we use in combination with our guided CBT-programmes for trauma, anxiety, or depression, can vary. Generally speaking, standard sessions, lasting 30 minutes, will be sufficient.

However, your psychologist may advise extended sessions, lasting 60 minutes (or 120 minutes, in the case of guided CBT for trauma), in order to adequately address your mental health problems. If at all possible, this advice will be discussed with you during the Assessment, that is, beforeyou commence with your programme of guided CBT. However, it’s also possible that your psychologist will, at a later stage in your programme, recommend such extended sessions, and for the same reason.

Of course, you’re not obliged to follow this recommendation. However, in the event that agreement on the duration of sessions cannot be reached, PsychOnline4u reserves the right to terminate its service, namely, if we are truly convinced that only extended sessions can be of benefit to you, and that not to provide these would be in violation of both our own professional standards, and our commitment to exercising good care.

4 Advance payment of fees

At PsychOnline4u all assessments and online support sessions must be paid for in advance. This condition of service is not negotiable!