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Guided CBT: our core business at Psychonline4u!

The advantages of guided self-help are obvious. Research has shown that high-quality self-help resources, based on the proven effective approach known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), work well for mild to moderate problems of trauma, anxiety and depression. And, that this is even more so when people use such CBT-resources in combination with guidance from a professional trained in CBT.

This combined approach is called guided CBT, and it’s our core business at PsychOnline4u! Guided CBT is intended to help persons experiencing such problems to help themselves, so that they become, in a sense, their own ‘therapist’. So, PsychOnline4u is really about helping you to help yourself! 

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Finally: the scope of guided CBT for reducing mental health problems such as the symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety disorders, depression, or trauma, is obvious. Research has shown that self-help resources, based on CBT, can be effective in tackling these problems, and even more so when these resources are combined with support from a professional trained in CBT.

However, some people struggle with severe levels of these psychological problems. In those cases, guided CBT will not be adequate in addressing their mental health needs. More intensive forms of treatment will usually be required, of the kind provided in regular face-to-face therapy!

That’s why we, at PsychOnline4u, first do an initial assessment: to identify both the nature and severity of a person’s mental health problem,  so that we can decide whether our guided CBT would be sufficient, or whether more intensive treatment is required. If our assessment indicates that the latter is indeed the case, then we will discuss this with the person in question, and advise them to seek more intensive treatment. And we will do this, as much as possible, in close cooperation with their GP. This is explained in more detail on the website, in the information about assessment, and also in our Terms and Conditions.