Fees & payment

For mild to moderate problems of anxiety or depression, standard sessions lasting 60 minutes are needed for your guided CBT-programme to be effective.  For symptoms resulting from a traumatic experience sessions of 120 minutes are standard.

Overview of our fees
  • Assessment (60 minutes in total): €110,00
  • Standard session (60 minutes): € 110,00
  • Trauma support session (120 minutes in total): € 165,00

How to make payments

In order to make a payment to PsychOnline4u for the amount of time (i.e. the number of sessions) that you wish to book, you will need our bank details. These are as follows:

  • Account holder: PsychOnline4u
  • Your personal Client-ID number (see below)
  • Our Bank account number: NL19ABNA0872189007
  • Our Bank Identification code (BIC): ABNANL2A  (this is required, because it involves an international payment). 

If you are in any way uncertain about how to make a payment, you should first seek assistance from your own bank. And of course, if you’re still unclear about anything,  we’ll glady assist you with it. 

Your personal ‘Client-ID code’

When making your payment please state, on the bank transfer form, your personal Client-ID code (this consists of a series of numbers and letters). That way, we will know exactly who the payment is from!  If you decide to engage our service, we will send you a statement confirming what has been agreed. This statement will also inform you of your personal Client-ID code. This code will also be stated in each and every e-mail that you will receive from PsychOnline4u. TIP: You may find it handy to make a note of your personal Client-ID code, and keep it in a safe place.

Any questions?

We hope you’ve found this information about fees and payment clear and helpful. However, if you have any queries about the above, please feel free to contact us, by using the contact form.