Appointments with PsychOnline4u: what you need to know

Number of sessions

When booking appointments, please keep in mind that, for your guided CBT-programme to progress well, regular sessions with your psychologist are important. A handy way of ensuring such continuity is to book several sessions at the outset of your programme.

Duration of sessions

The duration of sessions depends on the type of guidance we are recommending. For mild to moderate problems of anxiety or depression, standard sessions of 30 minutes (consisting of 20 minutes contact time, and 10 minutes for administration*) are generally sufficient. The fee for a standard session is € 50,00. 

However, sometimes problems like these can be more complicated. In that case extended sessions of 60 minutes (45 minutes contact time + 15 minutes for administration*) may be needed for your guided CBT-programme to be really effective. If this seems to be the case, your psychologist will of course discuss this with you. The fee for an extended session of 60 minutes is € 100,00. Finally, for symptoms resulting from a traumatic experience) sessions of 120 minutes are standard (90 minutes contact time + 30 minutes for administration*).

You can request one or more appointments by filling in our contact form. Sessions can last 30/60/120 minutes. Your therapist will advise you what best suits your needs. 

On receipt of your request, we will mail you an invoice, based on the number and duration of the sessions that you wish to book. Once we have received notification from our bank that your payment has come through, you will receive confirmation of this by email, together with a proposal for dates and times for the appointments you have requested. When offering appointments, we will, of course, do our utmost to take your preferences for dates, days of the week, and time of day, into account.

The following conditions apply with regard to the cancellation of appointments:

  • For a cancellation received no later than 1 week prior to the appointment: 100% refund;
  • For a cancellation received within I week but no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment: 50% refund
  • For a cancellation received within 24 hours prior to the appointment: no refund.

A cancellation for one or more appointments can be made using our contact form. Please make sure you clearly specify the date(s) of the appointment(s) that you wish to cancel. But please note: the amount of refund you will receive will depend on the date on which we receive the completed contact form. So, timely cancellation of any appointments is important!

You can, of course, request one or more substitute appointments to replace (a) cancelled one(s). Once again, please make sure you clearly specify on our contact form the number and duration of the substitute session(s) for which you are requesting (an) appointment(s).

Any questions?

We hope you’ve found the information about appointments clear and helpful. However, if you have any queries about the above, please feel free to contact us, by using the contact form.